Deputy Chief Larry Steinkamp retired October 1, 2013 from the Antonia Fire District after serving 36 years 3 months and 18 days. Larry started his career June 13, 1977. Larry like most firefighter received is degree in fire science From Jefferson College.

Larry work is way through the ranks and server as Deputy Chief since 2000. He server as a chief officer, safety officer and human resource officer. Deputy Chief Steinkamp has been the face of fire prevention for our department for more than twenty years. Larry had an idea in the eights to have a fire safety house to show kids how to get out of a house fire. With no budget or money LARRY was determined for the safety house to become reality.

Larry traveled to Decatur Illinois to see a safety house, take pictures and make a rough sketch. Larry was able to get a frame from a fire damaged mobile home donated and secured help from volunteers to begin building his dream. Not knowing how travel trailers are built with weight ratio being the key. The construction start 3/4" plywood for sub-floor, 2x6 walls, 2x10 floor joist, hardwood siding, plywood roof with asphalt shingles, and two stories to top Larry's idea became reality. 

The district is now in its third safety house that is still hand built and that original safety house is still in use by another district. Over the last 20 plus year’s Deputy Chief Steinkamp has taught thousands of kids on how to escape a burning home, stop drop and roll if their clothes catch fire, dial 911 and probably has watched the Donald Duck safety video more times than anyone would care to. Thanks to Deputy Chief Steinkamp, dedication fire prevention has grown to include pluggie the “Fire Plug”, Sparky the fire dog and a budget for coloring book fire hats etc.

Deputy Chief Steinkamp will be greatly missed by the administration staff, employees and the community, we thank you for a job well done.

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